Demolition Qualifications



Bethany Builders, LLC is a licensed contractor in the state of Louisiana since 2004.   Bethany Builders, LLC have been providing Demolition services and Debris hauling Services since 2005. Our experience in Demolition is listed below.


  •  Second level Sub– SRS demolition company
  •  Second level Sub—DRC demolition company
  •  Second level Sub-contractor to Ceres for Debris cleanup
  •  Second level Sub-contractor to Omni Pinnacle for Debris cleanup
  •  Third level Sub-contractor to ES&H for Demolition under the U.S.A.C.E
  •  Third level Sub-contractor to DRC for Demolition under the City of New Orleans Demolition contract
  •  Have completed over 205 private demolition projects since 2005.
  •  Contracted with YUR Constructions on Lake Forest Plaza cleanup and demolition
  •  Contracted with Franklin Ave. Baptist Church for Demolition of its New Orleans East facility (30,000 sq. ft.)
  •  Contracted with V. Crosby Construction co. on B.W. Cooper Demolition & Debris Removal.
  •  Sub-contractor to OMNI PINNACLE for debris removal
  •  State license in construction
  •  State license in demolition
  •  Certified by DEQ as Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor
  •  Certified by DEQ as Solid Waste Transporter
  •  See Letters of Recommendation attached


ASI Proudly Recognizes Bethany Builders, LLC as a Preferred Builder.

City of New Orleans DBE Certification
Section 3 Certification